Sunday, October 31, 2010

settled in Asheville

Today marks Day #5 in Asheville! It's beautiful here! But coooold. The past few days the mornings have been in the 40s and the highs are around 60. I hate cold weather so living here is going to be a challenge this winter.

In terms of my apartment, everything has come together nicely. I still have several things I want to buy (mainly decor) and have a few more pictures to hang. But for the most part it's starting to feel like "home." I've posted a few pictures below.

Tomorrow will be my first day on the road in the new territory. I'm excited!... and just a little nervous. I know this new position will be more challenging, more work and much more time consuming but I'm excited to start the next step in my career!

Pictures of my new apartment
Living Room
Dining, Kitchen, Desk
Closet! That fits everything!
Wonderful shower/tub
View to the left: Movies and restaurants
View to the right: More restaurants, the YMCA and shopping

And last but not least,

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